Gain and Grow your Instagram Following

The only way to get anywhere with social media marketing on Instagram is to have a strong following. This can take some time to build so be sure that you are patient and that you put in all the work that needs to be done to achieve this. It is going to be a matter of some good skills and tactics.

Primarily, remember that it is a social site and not a business site. This means that, even though you are doing it for marketing, you need to add a personal touch. You are selling more than just your products or services. You are definitely also selling yourself and your image.

To get going in the beginning, you can pay for Instagram followers so you can boost your numbers (Buzzoid is my favourite company for Instagram followers and likes). Just understand that these are not necessarily going to be active followers so you cannot entirely rely on this method. Instead, you will be doing this to improve your image.

How does this work? It is really just a matter of appealing to the public mindset. People usually feel more comfortable liking and following posts that already look like they have a following. Believe it, this is a catch-22 for almost every new user on Instagram.

When you buy the followers for certain posts, it gives those posts the image of popularity so people will be more assured that they are following something that is worth following. When you do this on your posts that are lagging behind, it will generally get you more of an organic following faster.

Make only posts that are truly worth sharing. That means that you should not post just any image but only those that are colorful, emotionally charged, and clear. Ideally, the photos should be truly interesting, capturing some strong visual message that makes the viewer curious.

You have to do this with your posts or you will not continue to get more followers. That would be a loss for you so the main thing you should strive for is quality with each post that you make. You need to set goals to gain certain numbers of followers. Keep track of what you gain.

When you do pay for Instagram followers, use the followers wisely and put them with the posts that are not doing so well. Again, be sure that those posts are of high quality with the good images and smart captions. That way, when an organic following does come, there will be good reason for it.

As long as you make it a point to engage your followers regularly, they will continue to follow. You have to pay attention to them and follow them as well. Do the right thing and like as many of their posts as you can because this will get you more likes and shares on your posts.

You can also find users who will agree to share your posts if you share theirs. You share information and contacts so that you each help one another out. This is called a shout out. Use that with your bought followings and see the boost you get.

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